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5 Common Thermostat Problems Affecting your Home’s Comfort

Common Thermostat Problems Affecting Your Home’s Comfort

Common Thermostat Issues

Whether it’s the dead of winter or a hot summer day, there’s nothing worse than not having a functioning comfort system to keep you comfortable in harsh weather. If your thermostat is acting up, here are 5 common problems that may be causing it. Common Thermostat Issues

1. Age

While there are a lot of things that can cause a thermostat to act up, the fact of the matter is they deteriorate with age just like anything. If your thermostat is particularly old, there’s a good chance it just needs to be replaced because of its age. When this is the problem, there, unfortunately, isn’t much else you can do to fix it. does your thermostat have power supply problems?

2. Power Supply Problems

Your thermostat needs power in order to run, so a problem with its power supply will quickly throw a wrench in things. However, this problem could be something as simple as the breaker for the air handler being tripped. clean your thermostat

3. Dirt

If a thermostat gets dirt or dust inside it, that can also cause it to malfunction. In this case, all you have to do is remove the front cover and carefully brush away dirt and dust with a small brush. You need to be especially careful around contacts. better location helps your thermostat performance

4. Location

The location of your thermostat can also play a role in it having problems. Make sure the wall you’re attaching the thermostat to reaches room temperature rather than being a little warmer or cooler. In addition to this, you need to make sure you don’t install your thermostat in a spot where it’s getting direct sunlight or something else that may cause inaccurate readings. thermostat wiring problems

5. Wiring Problems

Wiring problems are fairly common with thermostats, but they’re definitely not to be taken lightly. If you have a wiring problem, make sure you hire an HVAC professional to check it out. Messing with wiring can be dangerous and could cause serious problems with larger parts of your comfort system, so you should never mess with wiring unless you’re qualified to do so. There’s nothing worse than having a malfunctioning comfort system when you need it most, and a bad thermostat can definitely cause that. Not only do you need to buy a comfort system from a reputable brand like Carrier, but you also need to make sure you’re regularly having it serviced by a professional in Alton, IL.