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Why isn’t my A/C unit blowing cold air?

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The purpose of an air conditioner is to blow a current of cold air around your home and, therefore, keep your environment cool and comfortable. If your A/C unit is no longer blowing cold air, you may find you soon become uncomfortably hot. Before you search online for HVAC contractors in the Jerseyville, IL area, try the following air conditioning maintenance tips.

Check the Thermostat

Whenever the A/C unit fails to blow cold air, the first thing you should do is check the thermostat and temperature settings on the unit control panel. If the unit is set to “on,” it may blow out air that has not yet been cooled to the correct temperature. Set the unit to “auto” and change the thermostat to a lower temperature to see whether this resolves the a/c problem.

Check the Filter

Blocked filters are one of the most common air conditioning maintenance issues that homeowners face. When the filters in the air conditioner become blocked with pet hair, pollen, dust, or other sources of dirt, the flow of air through the system will reduce. Place your hand in front of the vent where cold air usually comes out. If the stream of air is weak, the filters may be blocked. Call HVAC contractors or clean the filters yourself to resolve the issue.

Check the Ducts

Ducted air conditioning systems sometimes stop blowing cold air because the ducts have become disconnected or broken. This can lead to the air conditioning system drawing warm air from the crawlspaces into the ducts and blowing this warm air around the home. HVAC contractors can check your ducts and repair or replace parts as needed.

Check the Electrical Supply

If you cannot find any problems with the filters, ducts, or settings of your air conditioner, there may be a problem with the electrical supply. Check the fuse or circuit breaker box. Reset any circuit breakers that have tripped and replace blown fuses. If the air conditioner trips the circuit again, you need to call in professional HVAC contractors. These experts can diagnose and fix the electrical problems with your a/c unit.

Do you need help with air conditioning maintenance in Jerseyville, IL? If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, give us a call today.