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Basement Furnace Equipment May Need A Closer Look After Flooding

Basement Furnace Equipment May Need A Closer Look After Flooding

Flooded Furnace equipmentFlooded Furnace equipment

Area flooding due to storms or building flooding due to a fire or burst water pipe can leave heating appliances inoperative as well as unsafe to use unless adequate inspection, cleaning, and repair or replacement of certain parts are made. Different depths of flooding have different implications for the inspection & repair of heating appliances after hurricanes, rising flood waters, burst pipe leaks, or sewer backups. We describe recommended safety checks, inspections, & repairs for flood-damaged water heaters, boilers, & furnaces.

Flood Response: Inspection & Repair Advice for Flooded Heating Boilers, Furnaces, Water Heaters

Natural gas furnaces, space heaters, and boilers all have gas valves and controls that are especially vulnerable to water damage from floods. Corrosion begins inside the valves and controls, and damage may not be readily visible, even if the outside of the device is clean and dry. At a minimum, this damage can result in reliability problems. More severe consequences could be fire or explosion. If there is any question about whether flood water has reached a gas appliance, have the unit checked by a professional. In all cases where you have decided to try to salvage the unit, you will need to replace gas valves, pilot and burner orifices, controls, and the filter. This work should only be done by a qualified professional. If you experienced flooded furnace equipment in your home recently please contact us today for one of our professionals to come out and assess your furnace equipment.