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Best Humidity Range for Your Godfrey, IL Home

Air Quality
Air Humidity

During the winter, you will be inside your Godfrey, IL home more than ever. While you are inside, it is important to remember to keep an eye on the humidity level of the air in your home. If your air humidity level is too dry during the winter, it will increase the risk of you or the ones you live with getting sick. It will also increase the cost to keep your home heated. Here we want to discuss more about the humidity of your home and about the range you should keep your home at to stay safe.

Air Humidity in Your Home

The humidity of the air in your Godfrey, IL home refers to the level of water vapor present in the air. When there are lower amounts of water circulating in the air, the humidity level will be lower, and vice versa.  The level of humidity in your home is explained through percentages. It is important that you keep the percentage of the humidity of the air in your home the right percentage to ensure your home is safe to be in.

Ideal Humidity Range

Generally, you should aim to keep the humidity of the air in your home between 40% and 60%. This percentage gives a balance to the dryness and humidity of your home. This range ensures that you and the ones you live with are healthy living in your home as it helps prevent allergies as well as asthma symptoms. Your hardwood floors, wallpaper, and carpeting will also stay protected in this range.

Control The Air Humidity in Your Home


If you want to increase or decrease the level of humidity in your home to ensure you stay in the perfect range during the winter, look at getting either a humidifier or dehumidifier in your home. Trane offers both of these kinds of systems. Use either as needed to get the percentage where you want it to be. Trane also provides different devices that can help you track the humidity in your home. If you need assistance setting-up anything to help control the humidity level in your home, call your local HVAC professionals.

If you live in Godfrey, IL, and need help setting up any systems like these to control the humidity in your home, give our team over at B&W Heating & Cooling a call today! We can set up Trane brand humidifiers or dehumidifiers in your home.