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Common Problems with Conventional Gas Furnaces in Alton, IL

Conventional Gas Furnaces

Conventional gas furnaces are gas furnaces that are rated up to 89 percent AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). These kinds of furnaces are typically older and exhaust through chimneys instead of PVC piping. These kinds of furnaces have become increasingly more popular over time, however, they do require some troubleshooting to run efficiently in your Alton, IL home. Here we want to explain more about these kinds of furnaces and cover some common issues they have.

How do Forced-Air Furnaces Work?

Forced-air gas furnaces, conventional or high-efficiency, are a kind of furnace that takes in the cold air, cleans it through an air filter, heats it with a gas burner making use of a steel heat exchanger, and then distributes that warmed-up air with the blower motor through your Alton, IL home’s ductwork. That air will cool over time and eventually end back up in the furnace to repeat the process. These furnaces operate very simple, however, they can still have a number of issues that need to be fixed when occurred.

Common Issues with Conventional Gas Furnaces

Your conventional gas furnace can run into many issues that will need to be addressed in order for it to run as optimally as possible. Ignoring these issues can not only be bad for your furnace but also bad for the health of you and the people you live with. Be on the lookout for these issues with your conventional gas furnace:

Energy Efficency
  • Your Furnace is Noisy: If Your Furnace is noisy, you should have it serviced right away.
  • Your Blower is Constantly Running: This could be an issue with your thermostat, but it should be addressed as soon as possible in order to save on your energy bills.
  • Furnace is Frequently Cycling on and Off: It is important to address this issue in order to cut down on your energy bills.
  • The Heat is Insufficient: The last thing you want to happen in your Alton, IL home is to have your furnace running so insufficiently that it cannot even keep your home heated up.

Looking for an HVAC company that can service your conventional gas furnace in your Alton, IL home? Give our team of professional HVAC technicians over at B&W Heating and Cooling a call today! We service many makes of furnaces, including ones manufactured by Trane.