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Find Answers to Common HVAC, Heating Cooling Equipment and Repair Questions

HVAC frequently asked questions alton il

Yes. While carbon monoxide isn’t as commonly thought of when it comes to your HVAC system, a properly maintained system can help reduce this threat.

During the winter, the warm air produced by the furnace or heating system tends to be dry and more difficult to breathe. A central humidifier adds moisture to the air throughout the home, making the air more pleasant and easier to breathe and cutting down on problems like dry skin, bloody noses and other problems caused by dry air.

There are multiple ways you can maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. A good place to start is with regular filter cleanings and seasonal tune-ups by your local HVAC professional. However, you can also help your system out by sealing any holes and cracks that may be letting the air inside your home escape to the outside. Also, ensuring that your thermostat is set to the proper settings and keeping a moderate temperature throughout the year can help save energy.

If you’ve frequently been calling for repairs, you could be better off replacing your system. Keep a careful record of what repairs have cost you and get a quote on a new system from a reliable contractor. Then, weigh the price of replacement v. the price of repairs to make your final decision.

When it comes to your air conditioner or heating system, there are a litany of things that could go wrong. Common signs that something is wrong included increase dust and debris flowing from air vents, strange smells, and noises coming from your unit, decreased system efficiency, decreased system effectiveness, and abnormally high energy bills.

Your heating and cooling systems require various maintenance tasks to stay in tip-top shape throughout their lifespan. Changing the air filter is something you can do yourself, and it will go a long way to keeping your system running smoothly. Other maintenance tasks include checking and cleaning internal components and ductwork, which should be done by a professional.

The air filter should be changed every month for maximum effectiveness. Routinely changing the air filter helps reduce the amount of dust and pathogens that exist in the home. Additionally, it keeps dust from building up inside your system, which can cause significant problems in the future.

The benefits of a properly maintained system are numerous. First, proper maintenance allows your system to function properly for a long time and reduces the number of repairs that you need. Additionally, regular filter changes could help keep their air in your home cleaner, which could help cut down on symptoms of asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues.

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