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How to fix a frozen A/C unit in Alton, IL

frozen air conditioning unit alton il
When your air conditioning unit freezes up, it’s annoying — to say the least. Fortunately, most of the time, it’s an easy fix. To determine why your air conditioner froze up and how to fix the problem, follow these simple tips.

Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

The best solution is often prevention, so you should have your air conditioning unit inspected by a professional each year. During annual inspections, HVAC contractors make sure the a/c unit is fully charged — has enough refrigerant for the season. So by completing proper annual a/c maintenance, you could avoid the problem completely.

Turn the A/C Off

Air conditioners can freeze up if they are used when the outside temperature is less than 65 degrees. While your a/c probably won’t freeze up if you accidentally run the unit when it’s a bit cool outside, repeatedly using it in cool weather can be a problem. If this is the case, you need to turn you a/c off and wait for it to defrost before you run it again.

Change the Air Filter

Restricted air flow can also cause your air conditioning unit to freeze up, so it’s important that you change the air filter when it gets dirty. If you have pets in your home, a large family, or anyone in your family has allergies, you should change your air filter once per month. Make sure to check the air filter monthly to ensure best condition. You might be able to get by with changing it every other month or once a quarter, depending on your home, the filter itself and the frequency of use of your a/c unit.

Have the Evaporator Coils Changed

In some instances, you might need to have an HVAC contractor replace the evaporator coils in the unit. If they aren’t cooling the air passing over them properly, then your air conditioner can freeze up. Try the easy fixes first, but call a contractor when you’re out of your element. Unfortunately, it’s common for air conditioner units to freeze up from time to time. If you’re lucky, it’s an easy fix, but if turning the unit off, so it defrosts and changing the air filter doesn’t solve the problem you should consider calling an HVAC contractor in Alton, IL to fix the problem for you.