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Top 5 Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Bethalto IL

It is easy to forget about your Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system until it is not keeping your environment as comfortable as it should. If you live in Bethalto, IL, this can be a real problem in the hot and humid summer. Having a maintenance agreement with B & W Heating and Cooling can keep your Bethalto HVAC system operating at its optimum levels all year around. Below are more benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Lower Costs

LOW COST Signing up for an HVAC maintenance agreement with B & W Heating and Cooling will maintain your equipment in good condition. This is because our representative will regularly check on the unit, and any minor problems will be caught early before they turn into major issues. Also, repair costs will be lower, and breakdowns will happen less frequently. When your HVAC operates more efficiently, you will save money on operating costs, which leads to lower utility bills. This may also prevent the depletion of emergency funds for sudden failures and repairs.

Prolonged Life of Your HVAC System

If you are part of a maintenance program, your system will get annual inspections and tune-ups from professionals. This could make extend the lifetime of your air conditioner and furnace by up to 50 percent.

Documentation of Maintenance

Air Conditioner Checks It’s imperative to have a record of your air conditioning maintenance or your furnace maintenance. This will allow you to keep valid warranties and provide proof of the condition of your systems when you’re selling your home. If you sign a maintenance agreement with B & W Heating and Cooling, we’ll keep all of the records for you.

Discounts on Needed Parts

If something in your heating system needs a new part, the cost is usually tacked on to your bill. But when you have a maintenance agreement with B & W Heating and Cooling you get to enjoy exclusive discounts on that specific repair or installation. You may also be considered a priority customer since you are a regular client, meaning that the staff will make an effort to come to your house when necessary before helping other customers.


Having regular, planned maintenance on your equipment will guarantee that your HVAC is always repaired in the safest way possible, protecting you and your family. To learn more about the benefits of the HVAC Maintenance Agreement in Bethalto, IL and surrounding areas contact B & W Heating and Cooling today.