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The Benefits of Air Whip Cleaning in Edwardsville, IL

AC Vent Maintenance Most of us do not want to be breathing in dusty air that triggers our allergies and spreads out pollutants like dust mites. Thankfully for us, air whip cleaning is available. It’s an extra bit of cleaning that truly helps you keep your air ducts thoroughly clean, protecting you from all those nasty irritants. This service is more affordable than most other duct cleaning services available to those in the Edwardsville, IL area. Let us explain the process, and how it can work for your Rheem HVAC system.

The Overall Process

The process for this service is not as complex as most other duct cleaning services, however, it still gets the job done. A large and strong truck-mounted vacuum is operated by technicians who use it to create negative pressure within your ducts. The process begins at the main part of duct lines, which will prevent any dust from being blown back into your home. Technicians also block return and supply vents to stop it as well. The technicians will go to each register and force the air through all of them. The technicians will then start to use the air whips, which are scrubbers that are used to clean the square ducts. They will scrub through the ducts and send all the dust, dirt, and debris into the vacuum.

Comparing Deep Cleaning to Air Whip Services

Air Whip The deep cleaning method of duct cleaning uses a large spinning brush to clean. This process is a lot more extensive and it cleans more places than air whipping can. It can also get out those hard-to-remove spots of grime and smells. Deep cleaning is the better choice if you have not had your ducts cleaned in a long time, or never before. It is typical to follow up a deep cleaning with an air whip cleaning. If you are looking for a company that can clean your ducts through air whipping or any other way, give our team of experts over at B & W Heating and Cooling a call today. Our professional technicians provide a number of different services to residents of the Metro East Area including Edwardsville, IL.