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What Should I Set my Edwardsville Illinois AC System While Away?


Setting Your AC

Summer may be winding down, which means that we are all planning our last-minute vacations. For a typical week vacation, your home may not be used for those seven days. Since no one is active in your home, you may think to yourself that money may be getting wasted because of your air. If no one is there, why keep your AC still running? This question can lead to others such as, what should you be setting your air at during these times of no activity in your home? If you have questions regarding this, this blog is perfect for you! vacation

Being Away from Home

There is a pretty big difference between being away from your home for the time that you are at work, to the time you are back at home. If this is a typical workday, you would want to set your thermostat to on average two to three degrees higher. With that being said, going on a week’s vacation is a totally different story.

Setting Your System for Vacation

When going on a vacation, it depends on what time of the year it is to determine when you should be setting your home at. You wouldn’t want to create any extra energy in the home since no one is there to use it. With this in mind, if you have plans for a summer vacation, we recommend having your system turned to somewhere around 80 or so degrees. If you were planning to take your trip in a cooler season, our team at B and W Heating and Cooling would say to set your home to around 65. This way, no extra air is blowing through your home during this time. A question that is usually asked is why wouldn’t you set the system completely off? This wouldn’t be the best idea because of mold in mildew. You would still want to have a little bit of air going on throughout your house for circulation.

Getting a Programmed Thermostat

If you are someone that takes different trips or isn’t home too much, it might be wise to purchase a smart system as your thermostat. These systems can be programmed to different settings while you are away and not using your home. You can also set timers depending on how far you are away from returning home, to make sure your house is comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. vacation If you need a new programmed thermostat installed, or have other thermostat questions. Contact us at B & W Heating and Cooling today. We are here to make sure your house is staying energy efficient while your family is on vacation.