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4 Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems for Roxana, IL Residents

Ductless Air Conditioning System
If you live in a smaller space in Roxana, IL, and want a more efficient way of staying cool during these hot summer months, a ductless air conditioning system is ideal. Ductless systems are also referred to as mini-split systems. These systems are becoming more popular as they are simpler, quieter, and more efficient ways to cool your space. Here are several benefits to using this type of system in your home. HVAC Repair

Fast Installation Process

Installing a traditional HVAC system is a lengthy and complicated process. This is especially true if you need new ductwork. Installing a ductless air conditioning system is faster and easier as you won’t have to deal with being without cool air for long. This is especially true if you have a smaller home that only has a few rooms. Installation times can take as little as a day when you use a professional technician. These mini-split systems are also a great choice if you are building an addition to your home. They can cost less than extending the ductwork of your central HVAC system and allows you to still cool your new addition.

A Ductless Air Conditioning System Offers Personalized Comfort

If your family is fighting over the temperature in your home constantly, a ductless system will help you end the battle. Having units in different areas in the home, it will allow for specifically zoned temperature control. Each family member can then set the unit in the room that they are occupying at their desired temperature. This can help keep everyone happy and comfortable.

A Ductless Air Conditioning System Improves Indoor Air Quality

If anyone in your family has asthma or suffers from allergies, a ductless air conditioning system is a great way to improve air quality in your home. Unlike traditional systems, a mini-split system doesn’t allow for dust, dirt, and debris to accumulate. It uses multi-layer filtration in order to reduce the number of pollutants, allergens, and dust that enter your home. This helps keep your space healthy and clean, as well as dehumidifies the environment. Air Conditioner

Requires Minor Maintenance

To keep your ductless system in good condition, you will need to keep the vents of the wall units clear, tidy up around your outdoor unit, and clean the filters. If you use the mini-split system, including Comfortmaker systems you will only have to schedule annual inspections as your maintenance instead of the lengthy traditional process. If you are looking for more information on ductless air conditioning systems give our team at B & W Heating & Cooling a call today!