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When should I turn the A/C on at my Godfrey, IL home?

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It isn’t always easy to decide when to turn your a/c unit on in the spring, especially for people living in the Hartford, IL area because temperatures sometimes go from frigid to warm and back to frigid again quickly. So how do you decide whether or not it’s time to start your air conditioner? Here are a few things to consider and, remember, you can always call your local HVAC professional for answers to your tough questions!

Outside Temperature

An air conditioning unit is designed to work well within specific temperatures. This means, while it’s possible to switch your a/c on at any time, you should wait until the temperature outside is at least 65 degrees. If you run your air conditioner when the outside temperature is less than 65 degrees, you risk running into problems. The unit can freeze up, which can result in an unwanted a/c repair bill. If your home gets too hot and the outside temperature hasn’t reached 65 degrees yet, open the windows and use fans to cool your home instead.

Cost Considerations

It can cost quite a bit to cool a home in the summer, which is why many people take cost into consideration before turning their air conditioner on in the spring. However, if you know how to reduce the costs of running your a/c, you don’t need to worry about the date. Instead of turning your a/c on full blast, set your thermostat to 78 degrees. Also, consider setting your thermostat five to 10 degrees higher if you’re away from home for eight hours or longer can save you quite a bit of money.

Air Conditioner Considerations

Before you turn your a/c on in the spring, you should have it properly inspected. This way, you know your unit is working properly. Also, if an air conditioning repair needs to be made, it can be made before you start running the unit, which could make the problem worse. When looking for an HVAC contractor to inspect your a/c unit, hire a licensed and insured contractor for best results. It’s important to hire someone that is trustworthy, especially if you might need an a/c installation.

Ultimately, it’s up to you when to turn your air conditioner on in the spring. As long as the air conditioning unit is working properly and it’s warm enough outside, you shouldn’t have a problem cooling your home.