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How & When to Clean Your Air Ducts – Tips for Edwardsville Homeowners

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Edwardsville IL

Should You Clean Your Air Ducts? Tips for Edwardsville, IL Homeowners

The air quality in your home is only as good as the air ducts that circulate the air. If your air ducts are dirty, then dirty air is going to be circulated throughout your home. You’ll breathe in everything from dust mites, dead skin cells and allergens. Fortunately, there’s a way to combat this problem and improve the air quality you breathe within your home. You can have professional duct cleaning performed and you will notice a big difference in your indoor air quality. Some of the benefits of cleaning air ducts include the following.

Reduce Allergens with Air Duct Cleaning

If you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies, then they will be worsened without proper duct cleaning. As dust mites, dirt and other allergens collect in the air ducts, they become trapped and circulated throughout your home. This means you’re breathing in bad air that can exacerbate allergies or even cause you to have allergies if you’ve never had them before. Duct cleaning by a professional will clean all the allergens out of the air ducts ensuring the circulating air will be clean and allergen-free. Reduce Allergens with Air Duct Cleaning

Reduce Air Pollution

You probably don’t think of polluted air when you’re inside your home. But, if you notice that you have dry eyes or irritated nose, throat and skin, then you may have a case of air pollution. The use of chemicals, such as for cleaning, can pollute the air. Smoke can linger in the air and gas can also cause unwanted side effects. All of these pollutants will enter the air ducts and be distributed throughout your house. Because your health is directly affected by the indoor air quality in your home, it is important to schedule a cleaning for your air ducts. Polluted Air Vent

Increase HVAC Efficiency

Failure to have your air ducts cleaned can lead to years of build-up of dust and other irritants. Such a build-up will decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system which means you’re going to be spending a lot of extra money in energy costs. When dust and other pollutants collect in the air ducts, the system has to work harder to get the air to flow through and this uses a lot more energy. So, if you want to increase your HVAC system’s efficiency and save money, then you need to have regular air duct cleanings. If you need an experienced HVAC company in Edwardsville, IL, look no further than B & W Heating and Cooling. We’re a Rheem Manufacturer and can help you with any HVAC issues.