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Furnace Blowing Cold Air? Time for Heating Repair

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Get Alton, IL heating repair for a furnace that blows cold air

There’s nothing like the warmth of your home when you’ve been outside in the cold. However, if all your getting from your furnace is cold air, you’re in the market for heating repair. Why does this problem happen, what have you done? Some common causes of this problem are easy, DIY fixes that can be done in no time at all. Although, other issues must be handled by a qualified HVAC professional. Read on for more details about how your furnace could be blowing out cold air, and call your local HVAC contractor (b&w link here) for heating repair service to warm your home this season!

Pilot Light Problems

pilot light problem alton il If you own a gas furnace, cold air coming from the vents could be a sign that there’s a problem with your pilot light. Try relighting it, make sure the gas is on, and call a professional if neither of these solutions works – it could be a problem with the thermocouple!

Overheated Furnace

Another such problem could be that your furnace has overheated. If too much dust or debris has built up on the heat exchanger or it’s been on for too long, it could overheat, which will cause a safety switch to turn it off. The furnace will still run, but it won’t blow any cold air.

The thermostat is Set to “On”

thermosta setings alton il Your thermostat should be set to “Auto,” so it will turn off on its own. However, if you’ve turned it on in an attempt to heat your home up faster, and forget to turn it back to auto, the thermostat will still blow air even when it hits the proper temperature – that air will be cold.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Thermostats are manufactured to be able to adapt to different styles of furnaces including gas, oil, electric furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. If your thermostat is on the wrong settings, it could make the air blow out cold.

Flame Sensor Problem

flame sensor problems alton il Does your furnace start to blow warm air, only to be quickly replaced with a steady stream of lukewarm or cold air? Your problem could be a flame sensor that has been blocked or covered in dust and buildup – clean it yourself or call a pro to do it for you.

Thermocouple Problem

The thermocouple controls the gas valve and ignition on your gas furnace. If this part is faulty, your pilot light won’t stay lit. Unfortunately, you’ll need to call a  pro for this heating repair.

Faulty Ignition

If the furnace comes on like normal, but the air never gets warm, it could be a problem with your electrical ignition. However, this heating repair may be tough to diagnose on your own, prompting a call to your local heating contractor.

Leaking Ductwork

air duct cleaning alton il This issue will also require a professional heating repair technician. When ductwork gets holes in it, this allows warm air to escape – leaving only cold air to come out of your vents and registers. This is a huge efficiency problem and needs to be repaired right away.