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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late For Furnace Maintenance Edwardsville IL 

Furnace maintenance plan

Neglecting Furnace Maintenance is a Risk You Don’t Need to Take in Edwardsville IL

Furnace MaintenancePreventing future failure isn’t the only reason to keep up to date with furnace maintenance, but it’s good to have a furnace maintenance plan. While spring bookings are fairly easy to get, later in the year as it gets colder things get tighter. Some customers in the Edwardsville, IL area will be calling because their system didn’t start after the summer, or there’s something not quite right about the furnace’s operation. Will that be you?

What’s in a Furnace Maintenance Plan?

When we come to your home, we bring our most important tool: expertise and experience with systems like yours. We perform a furnace inspection to ensure that everything is running smoothly and safely, adjust the unit for maximum efficiency, change filters and replace any non-functioning or failing components to ensure that you can rely on your heat through the coldest days.

Call Us When Your Heating System Isn’t Working Hard to Warm You

As an expert HVAC company, we like to keep our technicians busy and putting their skills to good use. When you schedule your furnace maintenance in advance you help us do that, and give them a chance to perform a thorough furnace inspection in time to note any problems, order parts if needed, and perform repairs along with the maintenance items while you sit out by your pool. It’s a win-win for both of us. After your furnace has been sitting idle or running only occasionally through spring and summer, it may not just need a cleaning. Motors and bearings may need attention or replacement, safety items need inspection and, as a Rheem Manufacturer HVAC service provider, we can also recommend control system, heating unit, water heater, and other upgrades if your equipment is getting past its prime. You surely don’t want us carrying out your old gear as the snow falls! Prevention, as they say, keeps you warm in the cold Illinois winter.Heating System not Working Perhaps the most important reason to call us and schedule a furnace maintenance plan appointment is our reputation. We’re the leading HVAC company in the Edwardsville, IL area, and so we do book our appointments quickly. If you want to get in with the best, you need to have a plan and let us know when we can come to provide our stellar service at your home.