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If I Place My Air Condenser in the Sun Will It Be as Effective?

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Does It Matter Where Place My Air Condenser to Be Effective?

One of the reasons why it’s so important to work with a high-quality contractor for all of your air conditioner installations is that there are many decisions that need to be made that can affect the overall performance of your new system. One such decision is where to place your air conditioner’s condenser unit. Today we’re going to talk about why the placement of your condenser unit is so important and the things we consider when choosing where to put your unit!

Why Is Condenser Unit Placement Important?

While the indoor portion of your air conditioner is responsible for removing heat from your home’s air, its job would be useless without the outdoor condenser unit. That’s because the condenser unit takes the heat that was removed from your home and actually expels it to the air outside. Without the condenser unit, the heat from your home would have nowhere to go!

If your condenser unit is not placed properly, it will not be able to do its job effectively. That means that your air conditioner will not be able to adequately cool down your home’s air, which will make your home uncomfortable, raise your energy bills and increase the likelihood of your system breaking down.

What Should Be Considered When Deciding Where to Place Your Condenser Unit

  • Should the unit be placed outside or in an attic or garage? This should not even be a consideration unless you are working with a low-quality contractor. Such a contractor might suggest putting your condenser unit in an attic or garage in order to shield it from the elements outside, hide it from view or “save energy.” A condenser unit should always be placed outside where it has unlimited access to outdoor air. Placing a condenser unit indoors in an attic or garage will reduce your system’s air supply, which will limit the amount of heat that it’s able to remove from your home. In addition, placing a condenser unit indoors will cause the space around it to heat up, and that heat can radiate into your home’s living spaces.
  • Will the unit have adequate airflow? Your condenser unit should be placed in a space that allows it to breathe freely. This means there should not be any large obstructions within at least 3-4 feet of your unit. If your home has multiple condenser units, they should be placed far enough away from each other that they do not hinder one another’s airflow. If your condenser unit is placed near plants or bushes, the vegetation should be trimmed back to allow for enough airflow. In addition, you should avoid building a fence or deck around your condenser unit. If you do choose to do that, there should be enough openings in the surrounding structure to allow air to flow in and out.
  • Will the unit be shielded from the sun? This isn’t as important as the previous two considerations, but it is still something to consider. The more shade you can provide for your condenser unit, the less of a chance it will have of overheating. Placing the condenser unit on the east or north side of your house will help limit its exposure to the sun. If your unit has to be put somewhere where it will not receive a lot of shade, you can consider building an awning over it or planting a shade tree nearby.

If you have any questions about the placement of your condenser unit, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact B & W Today. We provide service all over the Greater Metro East area, including towns like Glen Carbon, Bethalto, Wood River, and O’Fallon IL.