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Should I Be Worried about my Heater this Winter Season in Bunker Hill Illinois?

It may be getting closer to the “Most wonderful time of the year” but that also means that the weather is starting to slowly get colder. One of the first things that homeowners in Bunker Hill, IL will do once the weather is starting to get chilly is turn on their heat. Having heat is such a luxury and something that we turn on without another thought. That is however until something starts to smell like it may be burning. Should you be worried if this is happening? Or do you need advice on what to do? Follow along with our blog for help on how to go about this issue. burning

What is the burning smell?

The first time that you smell like something is burning and it’s not a fire, does not mean to call the fire department right away. However, with that being said, this is something that you do want to take seriously, and not let it continue without solving the problem. The reason that you may be smelling this from your heating is because of a possible problem in your system. There are different smells that can indicate different things, and they are the following.

Burning Dust Smell

Smelling a burning dust smell is said to be the most common smell when you first kick on your heat during the season. You need to remember that your heating system has probably not been on for an entire season. This means that it is getting back on track like you would if you haven’t done an exercise move in months, or haven’t started your computer in some time. It just needs time to set itself up. What you are probably smelling is these settled particles burning away that have been on your system since it hasn’t been in use. This means not worrying, and it will probably go away on its own. If it doesn’t however within a day, this may be a call that needs to be made to an expert.

Electrical Burning Smell

burning Smelling an electrical burning smell could however be a huge problem. If your unit is damaged in any way, this can cause the system to overheat itself. This would be the smell that you are smelling throughout your home. This could also mean some damaged electrical wiring.  Any of these are serious problems that need to be addressed. We advise you to call an expert as soon as possible to get these under control. They can help with the damage, and repair what needs to be done before something awful were to happen. Either of these two problems can be minor or major. If you are smelling something in your system, give it some time. However, if the smell is intense or not going away, give our time a call as soon as possible. We at B & W Heating & Cooling would be happy to help you in the best way that we can.