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Are Dehumidifier Systems for Your Whole Bethalto, IL Home Worth It?

whole-home dehumidifier
Have you been thinking about getting a whole-home dehumidifier for your Bethalto, IL home but are unsure where to start? Well for starters, dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air in similar ways to air conditioning units do but with one key difference. The major difference between a dehumidifier and an AC unit is that the air is dehumidified but not cooled. The removed heat is then returned to the air circulating in your HVAC system, but not pumped outside the unit. whole-home dehumidifier

Stand-alone or Whole-Home Dehumidifier

A stand-alone dehumidifier is usually cheaper; however, it tends to remove moisture from the air directly around it best. These types of humidifiers are usually placed in basements, which has little impact on the air in the first level and up. You could have a dehumidifier on the first floor, but this means you will have to empty the condensate thank often or run a hose to a drain. So, it is best to have these in the basements. A stand-alone dehumidifier can cost a fraction of the price of a whole home unit; however, the downsides outweigh the benefits. The hassle of having to empty the unit or the potential of tripping on stairs that the hose shows the downsides to these types of units. Another issue is that these units are noisy when placed in living areas. This is why we recommend a whole-home dehumidifier. They live up to their name by doing a better job at lowering the humidity level throughout your whole Bethalto, IL home.

Why Install a Dehumidifier in Your Home has a Central Air System?

Air conditioning systems do have the ability to remove moisture, so if you have one do you need a dehumidifier? The correct answer is Yes and No! Yes: There are several reasons why you may answer “yes” to this question. The first is that if you live in a muggy climate. This includes the Bethalto, IL area, especially during the muggy spring and summer weather. In climates like ours, some central air conditioners cannot keep up with your home’s dehumidification needs. Another reason to say “yes” is because our central AC system is too big.  This would cool your home too quickly and shut off before it really removes the humidity from the air. A properly sized ac system runs longer, which allows it to remove more moisture. No: If you live in more northern locations, where there is no excessive humidity, then having a dehumidifier makes no sense. This also goes for more desert-type areas across the country as well.

The Bonus of Having Dry Air

Dry air is a lot more comfortable than muggy air. Most people feel as comfortable in 78-degree air that has been dehumidified as in 70-degree air that is humid. That means you can turn your thermostat up when the air is drier. This allows you to properly cut your energy costs for the air conditioning system. However, dehumidifiers use electricity so your total bill may stay the same. whole-home dehumidifier

Is a Whole Home Dehumidifier Really Worth the Cost?

Honestly, if your climate doesn’t have high humidity issues, then no it is not worth the cost. In humid and muggy climates, the answer depends on how comfortable you are in spring, summer, and even fall. If you’re not comfortable with your home’s humidity then talk with your local HVAC technician. They can tell you if a whole-home dehumidifier system is worth it for your home, and how much it would cost you. If you are curious to know more about these dehumidifier systems or want to receive an estimate, give us a call today. We at B & W Heating and Cooling are here to help, and we will have one of our professional technicians help you with all of your dehumidifying needs.