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Why won’t your HVAC fan turn off In Wood River, IL?

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Along with the rest of your heating and cooling system, your HVAC fan should also turn on and off. While it is typical for the fan to turn on for a few minutes prior to heating or cooling beginning, it shouldn’t operate continuously for long periods of time. While it may not always be bad for your fan, this is typically an indication of something more serious. A malfunctioning thermostat, poor wiring, and jammed relays are some reasons why residents in Wood River, IL are having issues with their fan turning off.

How your Fan Normally Works

Although it appears to be a part of your heating and cooling system, your blower fan is actually a separate electrical system. The air inside of your furnace and air conditioner is simply heated and cooled. Your blower fan is what removes the uncomfortable air from your house, circulates it through the furnace or air conditioner, and then returns it to your house. These several systems are coordinated by the thermostat. Your thermostat will normally instruct the blower fan and the heating or cooling components to switch on and off simultaneously when the target temperature is attained when it is set to “auto.” In order to get the air moving, many systems run the blower fan for about a minute before heating or cooling starts and stops. Flipping the thermostat switch to “on” is the only other time that your blower would be working on its own, helping to boost air circulation.

Common Fan Issues

hvac fan issues wood river il Thermostat Settings: Verify that the thermostat is set to “on” instead of “auto.” Extreme Temperatures: Your HVAC system might not have enough power to achieve your desired temperature if the outside temperature is extremely hot or cold. This could happen if your system is too small or hasn’t been properly maintained. This will cause it to keep running until the outside weather changes. Faulty Thermostat: You can have a malfunctioning thermostat if both the fan and either the cooling or heating system run unexpectedly. Broken Relay Switch or Short Circuit: If only the fan is operating, there can be a malfunctioning relay switch that prevents the fan from receiving the settings you set on the thermostat. Similar to this, a short circuit or other wiring issue could be obstructing the transmission of the on/off orders to your fan.


It’s essential to schedule routine HVAC system tune-ups with B&W Heating and Cooling in order to avoid future AC and heating problems. Over time, small problems can accumulate, so you may not realize you’re losing money and energy. It is possible for your system to shut down entirely if you place too much stress on it. When this occurs during one of the warmest or coldest seasons of the year, it can be challenging to schedule an HVAC repair appointment. hvac fan wood river il Contact an HVAC specialist as soon as possible if the fan on your furnace or air conditioner is running continuously. Making an attempt to repair electrical issues on your own could result in further damage or even pose a fire risk. For a safe and fast repair contact B&W Heating and Cooling, we offer emergency repairs, routine furnace and AC services, and maintenance services on brands from Amana to York. Call us anytime!