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4 Types of HVAC Filters Your Godfrey, IL Home Could Use

HVAC Air Filters
HVAC filters are essential for your system in order to keep your Godfrey, IL home clean and healthy. This includes all types of systems including Comfortmaker HVAC systems. When shopping for HVAC Filters, you will most likely find a variety of options to choose from. This includes a variety of sizes, efficiency ratings, and types. If you are thinking of upgrading your current filter to the most efficient one, here is a simple guide about each of the four types of HVAC filters that you will find. We believe that it is best to learn all of your options before making a final decision. HVAC Maintenance


HEPA HVAC filters can offer the highest level of protection for your home against an array of airborne particles. They have the capacity to catch 99.97% of particles including those as small as 0.3 microns. Besides this, these filter types also have a MERV rating ranging between 17 and 20. This type of filter unfortunately doesn’t fit residential HVAC systems most of the time as they have sizing and airflow restrictions to consider. If you are wanting to get a HEPA filter for your home, modifications will need to be made by a professional HVAC contractor.

Reusable Air Filters

Reusable air filters are filters that are washable and can simply be cleaned and reused. This type of filter is usually more expensive when compared to disposable ones.  This type of air filter also has a MERV rating between 1 and 4, which is quite low. This means that reusable filters are prone to mildew and mold growth.

Flat-Paneled Fiberglass HVAC Filters

These HVAC filters are disposable and are layered with a metal-reinforcing grate and fiberglass. Similar to the reusable air filter it also has a low MERV rating. These filters typically do not do much for your home in terms of air purification. Cooling System

Pleated Media Filters

These air filters are disposable. They usually have a MERV rating between 5 and 13. However, the pleated media filters also come in a high-efficiency version. This high-efficiency version has a MERV rating between 14 and 16. This type of filter is designed to increase the surface area, which improves the overall efficiency of the filter. If you are looking for a new HVAC air filter but are unsure of what your specific system needs, give us a call. Our team at B & W Heating and Cooling is here to help make sure your homes HVAC system is running at peak efficiency.