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B & W Heating And Cooling


Heating Replacement and Installation Services Provided In Alton, IL

At B & W Heating & Cooling, we are a local business that understands the importance of keeping your home warm and comfortable during the harsh winter months in the Alton area. We believe that reliable indoor comfort begins with proper sizing and installation of your heating equipment. Even the most elite system will not meet your expectations if it is over or undersized or improperly installed. Therefore, when you purchase a new heating system, it is crucial to choose a team of contractors that has been providing professional heating services in the area for over 70 years. Choose B & W Heating & Cooling for the best results.

Heating Replacement and Installation
Furnace installation

When you contact us for furnace installation, you will get accurate recommendations, excellent workmanship, and our guaranteed satisfaction. Every installation is carefully inspected by a senior member of our staff to ensure that it meets our high standards and your 100% satisfaction. We pay attention to even the smallest details and the big picture, so that you can experience cost savings and comfort both now and, in the years to come.

It’s important to beware of contractors who will simply swap an old heating system for a new one without reevaluating your residence or workspace. Any changes to the building, such as new windows, added insulation, and renovations to the structure can affect your heating requirements. An oversized heater can be a costly mistake, as it leads to temperatures being reached too fast, and components cannot reach peak efficiency levels. The short, frequent cycles of an oversized system can also cause deterioration, temperature fluctuations, shortened system life, and higher operation costs.

We make the installation process as simple, rewarding, and stress-free as possible. Our flexible financing options, quick credit decisions, convenient monthly payments, and special financing terms make it easy for you to invest in the perfect cooling system. We provide detailed written proposals, upfront pricing, and timely service to eliminate surprises or delays, and we offer personalized, courteous service and unfailing professionalism to ensure that the job is completed to your specifications without any mess or damage.

Installation Of Furnace
heating system

Our technicians take the time to determine the perfect sizing of your new furnace, and custom design a heating system that delivers maximum energy efficiency, evenly distributed warmth, and dependable operation for a lower cost of operation. Our licensed technicians receive ongoing factory training and are uniquely qualified to recommend and implement groundbreaking heating technology. These built-to-last systems automatically adapt speeds to deliver both maximum efficiency and ideal temperatures, and you can even customize temperature, air quality, humidity, and fan speeds to your preferences.

At B & W Heating & Cooling, we offer financing with quick credit decisions, convenient monthly payments, and special financing terms to facilitate your investment in durable, efficient, and rewarding options. We provide quick turnaround on your project, through organized project management, personalized attention, and unwavering commitment to quality. We eliminate unexpected delays, surprises, and costs, so you can enjoy superior solutions to indoor comfort. Contact B & W Heating & Cooling for detailed proposals, upfront pricing, and the best heating installation services in the area. Trust us for all your heating installation needs – you won’t be disappointed.