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5 Ways to Cool-Down Air Conditioning Costs

how to lower air conditioner costs alton illinois

How To Lower Your Air Conditioner Costs in Alton, Illinois

When the temperature outside heats up, not much is better than coming home to a cool and comfortable home. And if you or your loved ones suffer from asthma, allergies, or other health issues that make dealing with the heat difficult, your air conditioner is a must-have item in your Alton, IL house. Here at B&W Heating & Cooling, we work hard to help you save money on your energy bills by supplying and maintaining quality HVAC products from trusted brands like Trane. We’ve asked our team of cooling experts to share their tips you can use to boost the energy efficiency of your air conditioner this summer:

1) Close your curtains and blinds during the day

close your curtains alton illinoisOne of the easiest ways to save money on your energy bills during hot weather is to simply close the shades, curtains, and blinds in your house. This can go a long way towards reducing solar heat gain, especially if you use light-colored window treatments that deflect the sun’s rays on windows that face south and east.

2) Shut the vents on the first floor of your home

Do you find that the upper floor of your home is always warmer than the main floor is while you’re running your air conditioner? That’s because warm air rises, while cool air falls. Shutting the vents on the main floor of your home can help direct cold air upstairs without turning down your A/C.

3) Clean your A/C filter regularly

A clogged air conditioner filter drives up your energy bills because your HVAC unit needs to work harder than it should cool your home. Make a point of sticking to the maintenance schedule recommended for your specific A/C unit.

4) Install a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a low-cost way to really boost the energy efficiency of your home heating and cooling system, and in most cases, a new thermostat will pay for itself in just a few short months by automatically adjusting the temperature based on when you’re home and away.

5) Consider installing a new air conditioner

install a new air conditioner alton illinoisIf your current air conditioner is more than 10 years old, or you’re still using multiple window A/C units to cool your house, upgrading to a new, high-efficiency A/C system could dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home.

To learn more about how you can control your air conditioner energy bills and improve your home’s energy efficiency, contact us here at B&W Heating in Cooling. We’re your local Trane experts in Alton, IL and we’re committed to delivering honest service and friendly, professional advice.