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Why Is My Edwardsville, IL Air Conditioner Unit So Loud

a/c noise
Your air conditioning unit is like a baby – when things go well everything is quiet. When something is wrong, however, your air conditioning unit will be loud just like an infant. This noise can create a disturbance, not to just you but also to your Edwardsville, IL neighbors as well. If you have loud a/c noise, here are some of the reasons why.

Faulty Padding

Padding keeps the parts of the air conditioning unit from rubbing against each other and wearing out too soon. Your a/c unit uses isolation padding to reduce the noise from the motion of the internal parts, especially the fan a/c noise. Over time, the pads wear out and crumble or break, which makes a loud air conditioner. A professional HVAC repair service or certified Trane manufacturer can replace and troubleshoot this issue easily.

Deteriorating Fan

a/c noises Preventative a/c maintenance can fix or replace a deteriorating fan before it breaks down completely. You can usually tell when a fan is wearing out because the a/c noise will sound like a jet engine, or have a whining sound. Replacing the fan before it blows can make a huge difference in repair bills because a broken fan can lead to many other air conditioner repair needs.

Tight Refrigerant Lines

Sometimes the refrigerant lines are too tight, which means that the coolant gasses are pressed too hard as they move through the unit. This makes a keenly pitched whining sound. A professional Edwardsville, IL, HVAC company can quickly correct tightness in the lines without interrupting the cooling of your home.

Problems With the Compressor

The compressor is the heart of your air conditioner. When this piece of machinery wears down, you may hear all manner of noises, from whines to an overpowering engine noise that doesn’t cease. Fix this fast, because a damaged compressor can lead to a breakdown that may require an entire HVAC replacement a/c noises

Sudden Rattling

If you suddenly notice a rattling sound or something that sounds like shaking dice when you run the air conditioner, it’s possible that a small piece of debris has ended up in your ductwork. Rattling noises can mean that you may need to have the screens and filter repaired and your ductwork examined.

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Summer is coming and it’s time to make sure that you book preventative a/c maintenance before a small problem becomes a big one. Give us at B & W Heating and Cooling a call or visit online for your service appointment!