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How can I take the stress off my A/C system for peak season in Alton, IL?

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As temperatures soar in Alton, IL, many residents struggle to keep their homes cool. If your air conditioner is working overtime and yet you are still not able to keep your home cool enough during the day, these tips could help to take the stress off your a/c system this summer.

  1. Shut Out the Sun

On a hot day, it is a good idea to close the blinds or curtains in the rooms that receive direct sunlight. By reducing the amount of heat energy that the sun’s rays bring into your home, you can take the stress off your air conditioning system.

  1. Keep Vents Clean and Clear

Locate the indoor vents of your air conditioning system. Are they clogged up with dust, pet hair, or lint? If these vents are blocked, your air conditioner cannot blow cool air into your living area. Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to gently clean around these vents. You should also ensure no furniture is blocking the vents. Simply moving large objects away from the vents can improve the flow of cool air around your home.

  1. Avoid Using Heat-Generating Appliances

During summer, it is a good idea to avoid using appliances that use heat, such as ovens, tumble dryers, and dishwashers, during the day. Run your dishwasher in the evening, when temperatures have come down a little. Experiment with salads and cold dishes instead of oven-cooked meals, and hang your clothes out to dry instead of using the dryer. These small lifestyle changes will help reduce the strain on your air conditioner by reducing the amount of indoor heat it has to combat during summer.

  1. Perform Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Checks

Air conditioning maintenance issues can cause your a/c system to run less efficiently. As summer approaches, take the time to perform basic a/c maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the filters. You can also hire HVAC contractors to service your air conditioning system. Professional HVAC experts can check the various parts of the air conditioner for maintenance issues and repair any problems they find.

For help taking the strain off your A/C in peak season, call us today. We help residents all over the Alton, IL area keep their air conditioners working efficiently during the summer months.