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Warning signs of a failing A/C system in Edwardsville, IL

a/c system warning signs edwardsville il

If you’re like most homeowners, you want to keep your a/c system functioning for as long as possible. Today, most units last roughly 10 years, though with regular maintenance, you can extend that by as many as five additional years. Unfortunately, it’s tempting to ignore small problems such as unusual noises coming from your unit or inconsistent temperatures within your home; that is until your unit shuts off altogether on one of Edwardsville, Illinois’ hot summer days.

Keep reading for a few signs that indicate a failing air conditioning unit.

Weak Airflow

If you are noticing very weak airflow through all of your vents, then your unit’s compressor may be failing. If some rooms get plenty of cool air while other rooms seem to always be too hot, then this may indicate that there is a problem with your ductwork. In either case, the urgent repair is necessary to prevent further damage.

No Cool Air

Have you noticed that the air coming from your vents isn’t as cold as it used to be, or that perhaps it’s not cold at all? This could be the result of a failing compressor or low refrigerant levels. Because too much refrigerant is just as harmful as too little, it’s important to contact a trusted professional to take care of the job rather than trying to fix the problem yourself.


If you see moisture or leakage near your system, you don’t want to ignore it. Most often, the leak is refrigerant. This poses a significant health risk to the members of your household, including your pets, and therefore should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Strange Sounds

Grating, grinding, or squealing sounds can be indicative of a failing a/c unit. From slipped belts and not enough lubrication for a metal component to broken motor bearings, there are myriad reasons that your air conditioner may be making strange sounds. These issues will not resolve on their own and will lead to bigger problems (and more costly repairs) if not attended to promptly.

Is your air conditioning unit not working as well as it used to? At B & W Heating and Cooling, our professional technicians can inspect your a/c system and provide you with guidance on how to enjoy maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Call us today or use our online booking tool to schedule your service.