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A Fall Furnace & HVAC Checklist for your Alton, IL Home

Fall in Alton, IL can vary in temperatures, from warm sunny days to cold and snowy ones. But before we enter a cold tundra that is winter in the Midwest, you will want to check to make sure your home’s furnace system is running its best. fall

Fall Furnace & HVAC Checklist

  • Inspect All Alarms: The upcoming winter season is infamous for being risky when it comes to carbon monoxide issues and fires. Make sure you change your alarm & detector batteries to ensure they are running properly.
  • Clean Your Alton, IL Home’s Chimneys: Homes in the Alton, IL area can have fireplaces, vents, chimneys, and even flues. Having these parts of your home cleaned before the winter season is a must. If a chimney or fireplace is not cleaned, it can cause a residential fire, which will cost you thousands of dollars in damages.
  • Clean Your Home’s Air Conditioner: Pouring a cup of water and bleach (50-50 mix) into your home’s air conditioner’s condensate drain is a wise decision. This is because this mixture kills algae and mold that can occur. It also helps your system by preventing clogs.
  • Check on Pipe Insulation: Exposed pipes should be wrapped in protective wrappings. This prevents the water in the pipes from freezing with the colder temperatures.
  • Install Heat-Resistant Radiator Reflectors: Installing these reflectors between eh exterior walls and radiators will keep more heat in.
  • Upgrade Your Homes Insulation:  Your Alton, IL home’s insulation may need to be upgraded this fall. Newer materials that insulation is made out of are more efficient compared to older insulation materials. Also, if your insulation is worn down you need to get it replaced so your home stays warm this winter.
  • Replace Humidifier Filters:  Your humidifier filter needs to be replaced in the fall season, otherwise, you would have to replace it during winter in your cold attic or basement.
  • Check Your Furnace for Issues: Checking your Alton, IL home furnace during the fall season is essential. The first issue you may want to check is to make sure it can run. Do this by turning on each one you have to just test to see if they run. This way, if they do not run, you can call a technician to look at it sooner than later. The next issue would be scheduling a maintenance check. This way you can have a professional come out to double-check that both your furnace and HVAC systems are working perfectly fine.
fall This upcoming fall season is a time for pumpkins and leaves to change color. However, it is also a time to make sure your home’s HVAC & furnace systems are working properly. Give us at B & W Heating & Cooling a call today if you are experiencing any issues with your home’s systems.