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Ways to take the pressure off of your AC system during the Edwardsville, IL summer

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During the long, hot summers in Edwardsville, IL, home air conditioning systems are forced to work hard to keep residents cool. Overworking your AC system can cause it to develop maintenance issues, as well as pushing up your energy bills. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the strain on your HVAC system this summer.

1. Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Regular air conditioning maintenance can help to keep your AC system operating efficiently. Before the hot weather sets in, schedule an air conditioning tune-up to ensure your system is working well. A professional air conditioning maintenance service can clean your filters and replace any damaged parts in your air conditioning unit to reduce the risk of it breaking down over the summer. Get in touch with B & W Heating and Cooling today to schedule your air conditioning tune-up.

2. Seal Doors and Windows

Sealing doors and windows not only keep heat in during winter but also traps cool air indoors in summer. If you notice warm drafts around your windows or doors, you can use weather stripping to seal up the gaps and keep your Edwardsville home cool all summer long.

3. Shade Your Rooms From the Sun

Sunlight shining through windows can cause a room to heat up quickly. Your AC system has to work hard to combat this increase in heat. Lower your energy bills by closing blinds or curtains on sunny days to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that enters your home in Edwardsville, IL.

4. Avoid Generating Heat on Hot Days

Not all the heat energy in homes comes from the sun. Household appliances, such as tumble dryers, washing machines, and dishwashers, also generate heat, which your AC system has to battle against to keep the home cool and comfortable. Protect your AC system by only running these appliances in the evening or early morning, when the sun’s heat is not as intense as in the middle of the day.

5. Don’t Block Air Conditioning Vents

If the vents that blow cooled air into your home are clogged with pet hair, lint, or dust, your air conditioning system will not be able to work efficiently. Clean the vents before you turn your AC system on for the first time this season. You should also move furniture away from the vents to promote the flow of cooled air around your home.

Call B & W for the service you need this summer in the Edwardsville, IL Area!