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Choosing the Best AC System in Edwardsville IL

ac system

How To Choose The Best AC System

The best AC system for your Edwardsville, IL home depends on various factors, including the size of your home, whether you own or rent and your budget. Take a look at the different air conditioner systems from Tempstart manufacturer to find out which one is right for you.

Central Air Conditioning

ac system Central air conditioning systems have a single large unit located outside. This produces cold air and then pumps it through a series of ducts to every room in your home. Central air conditioning is generally much more efficient than any other AC system, but the downside is that the upfront installation cost is high. Installing a central air conditioning system can be very disruptive. For example, an HVAC company will need to cut holes in your drywall to place ducts in the walls. Then patch them up afterward. Also, if you live in a city, finding somewhere to put the outdoor unit can be tricky.

Ductless Split System

A ductless split system has a unit in every room. This has the advantage of providing excellent cooling in all parts of your home, with the downside that you need to find space for a relatively large unit in every room. This kind of system can be highly efficient, as air does not have a chance to heat up while traveling through ductwork. Ductless split systems are relatively expensive, although the installation costs can be lower than split systems as there is no need to cut into the walls to install ducts.

Window AC System

home thermostat A window air conditioner is a better option if you rent your home than a ductless split system or central air conditioning system. It does not require any modifications to the property. In addition, installing a window air conditioning unit is relatively quick and easy. The downside is that the company can block your view from the window and reduce the natural light coming in. They are also not as efficient as ductless or central systems, but they can effectively cool a small apartment. If you need more information about the AC system options available for your Edwardsville, IL home, get in touch today.