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Can Pet Hair Damage My Bethalto, IL Home’s Air Conditioning System?

Pet Hair
If you own a dog or cat, you know how much they shed. Finding pet hair on all of your furniture, clothes, and the floor is something that is common. All of the hair that has accumulated is unsightly and can be the cause of allergies. Did you know that this hair can actually affect your air conditioning unit? Pet hair is easy to get sucked up into your AC unit. It can clog up your unit’s filter and can end up causing your system greater issues. Air Filter

Why Does Pet Hair Cause Damage to Your AC Unit?

Your ac unit works by sucking in air through the intake vents that are scattered throughout your Bethalto, IL home. From here they cool the air and then recirculate it back into your home throughout the ductwork.  When the intake vent sucks in the air, it can also suck up any contaminants and particles that are able to fit in the vents. Some of these particles can include dirt, dust, and of course pet hair. There is usually a filter that is in place in order to prevent these particles from getting into your unit and further damaging your AC system. However, filters can become clogged as debris accumulates. This will prevent your system from having good airflow and will decrease your system’s efficiency. When a unit’s filter becomes clogged, your system will have to work harder in order to suck the air through, which will result in reduced efficiency and an increase in your energy bills. The fans and motors also can break down as they will become overworked, which will make you have to pay maintenance and repair costs.

Can this Pollutant Cause Issues?

Most pet owners are aware of the issues that can be caused by pet hair. However, you may not be aware of the microscopic particles that pet hair can bring with it, which is referred to as dander. Dander is composed of microscopic flakes of pet skin that are also shed alongside their hair and fur. Air Conditioner Repair Dander is the main reason why pet particles can trigger allergies. Pet dander is also often too small to be properly caught by an HVAC air filter, which means it gets sucked in and pushed back out with the cold air. This may not be destructive to your unit; however, it can still be troublesome as it can hinder your breathing due to triggering your allergies or other health issues. If you are noticing that your air conditioning system is not working its best, and you have pets, then pet hair could be your problem. Give our team at B & W Heating and Cooling if you want to help improve your system’s efficiency.