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Checklist for Maintaining Your Boiler in Bethalto, IL

Home Boiler System
Boilers are a popular way of keeping your home in Bethalto, IL warm. There are many types of manufacturers of boilers, including Bryant. Once a boiler is installed in your home, it can last up to 3- years. Just like other appliances in your home, however, regular maintenance is key for a longer lifespan for your boiler. Here we will be discussing what to look out for when inspecting the boiler in your home. HVAC Maintenance

Before Hiring for Boiler Maintenance

The most important step in getting your boiler in your Bethalto, IL home inspected or serviced is to hire a professional technician. A technician has all the necessary training to know what to look for with your boiler and how to make the necessary repairs on any kind of boiler, including boilers manufactured by Bryant. The best way you can ensure that the technician that you are hiring is reputable is to do your research online on companies in your area. Check out reviews from previous customers. You could also ask for the company’s credentials if you speak with them. Do not settle for an inexperienced technician who may cause more harm to your boiler than help. It is also recommended that unless you are a professional yourself, you should leave the inspection and repair to the professionals as you could damage your boiler if you are inexperienced. Boiler Repair

Things to Expect from Inspections

Once you have found a technician to service and inspect your boiler, expect the process to take an hour or two.  The technician will be in charge of inspecting and cleaning out the combustion chamber, flame sensors, heat exchanger, burner assembly, and ignitor of your boiler. They will make sure that important components such as the values and pumps are operating to the manufactures standards. They will inspect the pH level in the water. Making sure the wiring is secure is another important step of theirs. They ensure that the vents are clear of any kind of corrosion or blockage. They also will be sure to check out the control, operating, and safety controls.  Be sure that your technician checks on all of these things and be sure they do not give you a “discount appointment”. When companies offer this kind of appointment, they are likely to miss out on something. Be sure they spend enough time to inspect and repair your boiler correctly, otherwise, you may need to find a different company. Are you looking for a company that can inspect and repair the boiler in your Bethalto, IL home? Give our team of expert technicians over at B&W Heating and Cooling a call today. We service all kinds of boilers, including ones manufactured by Bryant.