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Common Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions for Your Roxana, IL Home During Spring

air conditioning
heating system When the temperatures start to warm up, the last thing you want to worry about is having a surprise air conditioning unit problem. Here are some of the most common issues that can occur, and ways to avoid them!

Tripped Breaker

A common cause of any issues with your AC is a tripped breaker. These breakers are designed to help protect your unit as well as your Roxana, IL home.  Check that the circuit that runs directly to your air conditioning system hasn’t been tripped. If it has, you can simply flip the breaker switch all the way off and then all the way one. This is usually a simple fix, however, if the issue continues, there could be a larger electrical issue.

Air Conditioning Unit Refrigerant Leaks

An air conditioner unit is a sealed system. This means that it should never leak refrigerant, however, when it does several things can happen. Including:
  • The compressor may become damaged.
  • The coil could freeze.
  • Your unit may not stay cold.
  • The level of electricity usage will rise.
  • Your system’s efficiency will fall.
Refrigerants are actually greenhouse gases. So, you will need to immediately contact an experienced technician. They will use a range of tools to help track down the leak and make sure that it gets solved before it becomes a larger issue.

Thermostat Problems

Some thermostats need to be toggled between the cooling and heating modes. If your thermostat is broken or is in the wrong position, your air conditioning unit will not start. Consider investing in a high-quality digital thermostat that will not only save you energy but will last longer. We advise against using some of the cheaper models that are available as they may break or cause a malfunction.

Clogged Air Conditioning Unit Drain Line

AC units pull moisture out of the humid air, while they lower the temperature inside of your home. This moisture usually drains through your plumbing system. This means you should have a drain pan as a backup with a secondary condensate drain. thermostat Sometimes in these systems algae can grow, especially in the drain lines. This can end up clogging the drain line and can cause more issues. If you are in need of some maintenance to your home’s HVAC systems which include furnaces and air conditioning units call us today. Our team at B & W Heating & Cooling is here to assist you in all that you need!