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Troubleshooting Common Issues During Air Conditioner Repair

AC repair

When the harsh heat of summer sets in or the unyielding chill of winter bears down, a fully functioning air conditioner isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. For both homeowners and business operators, the sudden malfunction of an AC unit can disrupt comfort and productivity. Recognizing this, we, your HVAC service providers, are dedicated to assisting you swiftly and efficiently. Our team of seasoned professionals is equipped with the expertise to identify common symptoms of AC malfunctions, ensuring we address any issues quickly and correctly.

Identifying Common Symptoms of AC Malfunctions

When an air conditioner starts to falter, it often sends a few clear signals before a full breakdown occurs. Recognizing these signs early can save both time and money. One of the most common symptoms is unusual noises coming from the unit, such as grinding, squealing, or clicking sounds, which could indicate mechanical problems. Another red flag is weak airflow or air that isn’t as cool as expected, suggesting issues with the compressor or obstructed airways. Additionally, an unexpected increase in your energy bills can be a telltale sign of an inefficient AC unit struggling to maintain performance. Moisture or leakage around the system is also a symptom not to ignore, as it could be from a refrigerant leak or a problem with the drain tube. Our professionals are trained to spot these early warnings and can help prevent larger issues with timely interventions.

Diagnostic Tools and Techniques Used by Our Technicians

To accurately diagnose the specific problems your AC unit might be experiencing, our technicians employ a variety of advanced tools and techniques. One essential tool is the manifold gauge, used to measure the pressure of the AC system’s refrigerant. This helps in determining if the system is low on refrigerant or if there’s a leak. Thermal imaging cameras are another innovative tool we utilize. These cameras help in spotting blockages in ducts, or differences in temperature that reveal leakages or insulation issues. Furthermore, we use multimeters to check for electrical problems in the AC unit, such as failed capacitors or faulty wiring. An anemometer might also be used to measure the air velocity exiting the vents, ensuring optimal airflow is maintained. Each of these tools plays a crucial role in our comprehensive diagnostic process, ensuring we can accurately identify problems and apply the most effective solutions.

Top Troubleshooting Solutions for Frequent AC Issues

Our technicians encounter a variety of common AC issues that can often be quickly resolved with proven troubleshooting solutions. One frequent problem is inadequate cooling or hot spots, which may stem from blocked air filters or issues with the unit’s airflow. Regularly replacing or cleaning air filters and ensuring that air can freely circulate around all vents often rectifies this concern. Another common issue is unusual noises coming from the AC unit, which could be due to loose parts or obstructions in the system. Tightening all visible components and clearing any debris from around the unit can reduce or eliminate these sounds.

For AC units that are cycling on and off more frequently than normal, checking and adjusting the thermostat settings can sometimes provide a simple fix. However, if the problem persists, this could indicate a more complex issue like a malfunctioning compressor or dirty condenser coils, which our professionals can address efficiently with their expertise and advanced tools.

When to Consider a Professional Repair vs. Replacement

Deciding whether to repair or replace an air conditioning system can be a daunting decision. Our team advises clients to consider several factors before making a choice. If your AC system is more than ten years old and frequently needs costly repairs, it might be more economical to invest in a new, more efficient system. Likewise, if your energy bills have been rising despite regular maintenance, this could indicate that your unit’s efficiency has decreased significantly, and a new unit could potentially decrease your monthly costs.

Additionally, if your current system uses R-22 refrigerant, which is being phased out due to environmental concerns, upgrading to a newer model using a more sustainable and readily available refrigerant makes both environmental and practical sense. Our technicians can evaluate your particular circumstances and provide a recommendation based on the latest technology available that meets your needs in terms of efficiency, reliability, and ongoing maintenance requirements.


Understanding when and how to address common AC issues is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and efficient living or working environment. We stand ready to guide you through resolving minor problems and are equally equipped to help you decide when it’s time for a more significant overhaul of your system. Relying on our professional AC repair services in Alton ensures that you get the most out of your investment in your air conditioning.

If you are encountering repeated issues or considering a major decision about your air conditioning needs, do not hesitate to contact us at B & W Heating and Cooling, Inc. Our expert team is on hand to provide top-notch service and advice tailored to your unique situation, ensuring your comfort year-round.