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Edwardsville, IL HVAC: Most common furnace repairs

furnace repairs edwardsville il

Seven Common Furnace Problems & Furnace Repairs

Furnaces can break down for a variety of reasons. Furnace repairs can be costly. Working with an experienced heating company in Edwardsville, IL can help you avoid some of these common furnace problems. clogged furnace filter edwardsville il

Problem #1: Clogged or Dirty Filters

A clogged or dirty filter is one of the common causes of furnace problems. Dirty filters can decrease the furnace’s efficiency. If you do not change your furnace filter periodically, it can lead to furnace repair costs, including damage from a fire or a damaged motor limit switch.

Problem #2: Problems with the Ignition

Ignitions are another common source of furnace problems. An ignition problem can result in the furnace’s inability to generate heat. Gas furnaces can suffer from ignition problems. You need an experienced heating contractor to perform the heating repair.

Problem #3: Component Wear and Tear

Over time, components of your furnace suffer from normal wear and tear. However, if you do not replace these components, including motors, belts, burners, bearings, pilots, and fan blades, you could have a much costlier furnace repair in the future. Regular furnace maintenance can avoid many of these furnace problems. furnace problems edwardsville il

Problem #4: Frequent Cycling

If your furnace is cycling between the off and on modes frequently, the furnace could have a bad thermostat, an incorrect thermostat setting, improper air flow, or a clogged filter.

Problem #5: The Blower is Always Running

A blower that never shuts off can be an indication of a problem with the furnace’s limit switch. This furnace problem requires a heating contractor to repair it.

Problem #6: The Furnace is Making Strange Noises

Sometimes a homeowner will call saying the furnace is making “strange” noises. Strange noises, squeaking, rumbling, and rattles are not normal. These noises can indicate serious furnace problems that require heating repair. gas leak edwardsville il

Problem #7: Gas Leaks

A gas furnace can experience a gas leak for a variety of reasons. A gas leak should be taken very seriously. If you smell gas, smell an odor like a rotten egg, hear a hissing sound, or otherwise suspect a gas leak, call a furnace repair company immediately. You should be able to turn off the gas from the outside shut-off valve. To be prepared for a gas leak, you should contact your gas company to inquire about the proper steps to take in the event of a gas leak.

Routine Furnace Maintenance and Service Edwardsville, IL

In many cases, routine service and maintenance can prevent many furnace problems. Heating companies and heating contractors can help you avoid a costly furnace repair or heating repair by catching problems during a routine furnace tune-up. The heating contractors at B & W Heating and Cooling perform thorough maintenance and service calls to inspect furnaces and heating units for customers throughout Edwardsville, IL.