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Five Reasons Why My Home Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water Inside

HVAC Maintenance
Leaking Pipe In the hottest months of the Maryville, IL summer, your air conditioner is probably running nonstop. It might be very alarming to see water dripping from your air conditioning unit. A big puddle inside would be the absolute last thing you need, not to mention the horrifying cost of repairs! Even though your air conditioner eliminates moisture from the air, this situation is uncommon. Instead, a water leak from an AC may be a sign of a significant problem. Here are the most common reasons why your air conditioner is dripping water and how to stop it.

Condensate Drain Is Blocked

Water gathers on the chilled metal surface of the evaporator coil when hot, humid air passes over it. The water eventually drains into a pan that is positioned underneath the indoor coil of the furnace or air handler. Condensate drains from the pan and into drain pipework during the cooling process to prevent the pan from overflowing. Unfortunately, the drain can become blocked by dirt, mineral deposits, mold, and other debris. This hinders the water from evaporating as it should. To ensure that the unclogging procedure is carried out correctly and without causing more damage, entrust it to an HVAC Service Experts. Along with regular maintenance like seasonal tune-ups from B&W Heating and Cooling can help prevent build ups.

Drain Line Is Disconnected

Even though this is something that rarely happens, the connection between the drain line and the drain pan can come undone. This can happen when working to close or swapping out the air filter in the unit. You can check if it has been disconnected by taking a look inside the A/C unit at the drain line and coil drain pan.

Condensate Pump Isn’t Working

Certain Air Conditioner units, like ones by Goodman need a condensate pump in order to properly drain the water. Even if are no obstacles in the drain, if the condensate pump is not working, water might build up in the pan and spill out. To locate the problem, check to make sure the pump is being powered, then if the pump is still not working the leak may be because of a broken condensate pump. Contact a local HVAC technician as soon as possible to help take care of the issue.

Evaporator Coil Is Grubby Or Broken

If water is splashing off the evaporator coil, rather than draining properly into the drain pan and condensate line, small drips may be present around the exterior of your furnace or air handler. This could happen if the coils are dirty or if water gets redirected by holes in the insulation around the coils. The simplest way to stop the evaporator coil from failing is to do yearly air conditioning maintenance. Air Conditioner

Dirty Air Conditioner Filter

To maintain optimal airflow, your air conditioner’s filter needs to be changed routinely. The evaporator coils could freeze if there isn’t enough ventilation. The surplus water will then build up in the drain pan when the evaporator coils thaw, occasionally leading to an overflow. Try replacing your air filter to fix this. There may occasionally be a need for additional repairs if the issue persists. No matter what the reason is that you’re A/C unit is leaking water, the experts at B&W Heating and Cooling can help! You can trust us to troubleshoot and repair your air conditioner as soon as possible.