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Clues Your Godfrey Illinois Furnace is Failing

Furnace is Failing

The Early Signs of a Failing Furnace in Godfrey Illinois

If you live in Godfrey, IL, you aren’t a stranger to harsh winter weather. Because it gets so cold in the area, it’s important to make sure your heating system is always running in tip-top shape. Learn how to notice the early signs of a failing furnace so you never have to go without heat on a cold winter night.

Inadequate Heat

cold home from furnace failure in godfrey il One of the biggest signs your furnace may be starting to fail is that it isn’t heating your house properly. You might notice that it seems colder inside than usual or that your house never seems to reach the temperature you set on your thermostat. If your furnace isn’t working properly, you’ll probably also notice it’s running constantly. All of these are signs it’s failing and you should contact an HVAC tech specializing in furnace repair to access the situation.

Poor Air Quality

The way your furnace performs impacts the overall air quality in your home. If you don’t have regular heating maintenance scheduled and performed, the unit might not work as well as it should. When this happens, it can start to blow dust, dirt, and other particles through your home along with the heated air it distributes. So you should consider contacting an HVAC company if you notice larger-than-normal amounts of dust in the air or those in your household seem to be getting sick more often with colds, coughs, watery eyes, and headaches.

Trouble Starting Your Furnace

As your heating system ages, you might notice that you have trouble starting the unit and keeping it running. If you have to start or restart the furnace regularly, it’s possible the unit is starting to fail and may need to be replaced, especially if the pilot light is yellow instead of blue.

The Pilot Light isn’t Blue

furnace pilot light godfrey il When your furnace is working properly, the pilot light will be blue. But when your furnace isn’t working properly, the pilot light can change to yellow. This happens when gases, such as carbon monoxide, don’t dissipate as they should. This is a serious problem. It can indicate your furnace has become combustible or cause serious health problems for your family. So if your pilot light appears to be yellow, you should contact a local HVAC contractor immediately. Ultimately, if your heating system isn’t working properly, you should consider contacting B & W Heating and Cooling. While you may be able to have the furnace repaired, if you have a serious