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Getting your HVAC system ready for Back To School

Getting Your HVAC System Ready For Back To School

While the back-to-school season doesn’t formally mean the end of summer has arrived, it does mean that your family’s energy habits will undoubtedly change. The way kids do their homework has changed quite a bit from the days of pulling out a pad of paper or homework sheets and a pencil at the dinner table after school. It’s evolved to more of an exercise in electricity usage.

Seeing as this raises the amount of energy we’re using, having air conditioner service performed now could not only help make a difference prior to turning your furnace on but put together with these energy-saving tips, can help you decrease your monthly energy expenses.

  • Select times for high energy consumption. Charging devices like tablets and laptops at the least expensive times of the day helps reduce energy costs. On days when it feels like you can’t keep devices unplugged for a decent amount of time, try to balance it with less energy consumption through less television or less device time later in the evening.
  • Get outdoors. Plain and simple, when you are outside the need to heat and cool the inside of your home is decreased, lowering your energy consumption. You don’t have lights flipped on, and if you’re a really savvy homeowner, you’ll turn your thermostat up a few degrees if you plan on being gone for a while.

Sure, back-to-school season can bring about a number of other lifestyle changes and require getting adjusted to a new routine, but there are things you can do to help reduce your energy consumption. Air conditioner service is a natural fit to help do this. Plus, it requires little to no effort from you. When you’re ready to schedule air conditioner service as we head towards cooler weather, give us a call a 618-254-0645.