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Home Gyms May cause These Air Quality Concerns

basement gym air quality alton il

Air Quality Concerns Caused By Home Gyms

You may have your home gym equipment stored in some weird corner of your basement or garage as most people do. You have focused on buying every gym-related item, including the machines, attires, and weights, but you have forgotten one tiny detail that could affect your health forever; air quality. As if sweating is not enough, you risk being in contact with pollutants, pests, and other toxic substances that make you vulnerable to chronic health conditions. Here are some air quality concerns you may encounter during your home gym workout and how you can address them;


radon gas air quality concerns alton illinois Most basements are poorly-ventilated, making it easier for radon (a toxic gas) to form below the ground level. Chances of inhaling the gas while you are exercising are quite high. The only way to fix this problem is by calling an Alton, IL inspector to test for the gas. If it turns out positive, then you will need to organize for a system installation expert to eliminate the gas from your space.

Fossil fuel fumes

Your basement or garage is probably filled with toxic chemicals such as benzene or butadiene from the machines you use. Do not ignore any smell coming out of it as it could cause serious health concerns such as cancer. Always store the oil in airtight containers and open the windows and doors to let in the fresh air. If the smell ceases to disappear, consider moving your gym to another place.

Carbon dioxide and Formaldehyde

The two gases as predominantly found in air, but their levels of concentration will be high in enclosed spaces, including home gyms located where there is poor air circulation. People with respiratory disorders such as asthma are at a higher risk of experiencing hyper allergenic effects when exercising in polluted environments. Airflow regulation inside the gym by increasing ventilation spaces and creating separate humidity control systems to remove toxic gases from the room is vital.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

air quality concerns caused by chemicals alton illinois Your garage or basement contains paints, cleaning supplies, and other types of home improvement supplies. These chemicals often dissociate into the air, making you susceptible to respiratory tract infections, and permanent damage to your internal organs. If you are going to exercise at home, then you will need to have the gym in an aerated space. The last thing you want is trying to maintain good health while risking it all at the same time. Contact American Standard today for expert advice on home gyms for healthy exercise at home.