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Using Mini Splits for Home Zoning in Bethalto, IL

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Home Zoning and Mini Splits in Bethalto, IL

One of the coolest parts about ductless mini splits is that you can use them to control the temperature in various zones in your Bethalto, IL, home. If you want to learn more about using mini splits for home zoning, we’ve got all the info you need to know.

Various Options

When it comes to zone heating and cooling with a ductless mini-split, you’ve got two different options. You can either create a branch box or use multi-port condensers to deliver heating and cooling to different rooms in your home. While branch-box systems are a good option in many ways, they’re also a bit more complicated. Branch boxes have a single connection to the compressor outside your home, which allows it to supply the proper amount of refrigerant to all the parts of your home. Multi-port condensers are a bit more popular if you’re looking for a simple replacement for your furnace and air conditioning. You don’t have to make any additional pipe connections since this is essentially a plug-and-play solution. If simplicity is your priority, this is the way to go. However, it doesn’t give you the same flexibility that branch boxes offer. air system units

Home Zoning Tips

Once you’ve got your system set up, you can get started on heating and cooling your home zone by zone. However, there are a couple of tips you might want to take into account if you want to get the most out of your ductless mini-splits. For starters, just because you’re heating and cooling separate “zones” doesn’t mean some of that cool or warm air won’t leak into another zone. By closing doors to make sure zones are as separate as possible, you can get truly different temperatures throughout your home. Another thing to consider is the power of zoned heating and cooling. While it may take a while for your central system to bring your home to a comfortable temperature, zoned systems are much faster. You’ll want to be careful not to overheat or over-cool the zones in your home. setting up a mini split

Get Started Today

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is great, and home zoning can help. At B&W Heating & Cooling, we work directly with the York manufacturer to bring you some of the best-zoned heating and cooling options. If you’re ready for something better than a furnace and air conditioning, give us a call today.