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Minimize Asthma Attacks with HVAC Systems in Alton IL

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How HVAC Systems Can Minimize Asthma Attacks

hvac systems Asthma can be a challenging condition to live with, but avoiding environmental triggers can help make it much more manageable. One of the easiest ways to do that is to use HVAC systems to improve your indoor air quality and reduce the number of triggers in your home.

Keeping HVAC Systems Clean

cleaning an hvac filter When you think of your home’s cleanliness, your HVAC system probably doesn’t enter your mind. However, dirty HVAC systems can be a big problem. Dust, mold, and other common asthma triggers can accumulate in the ducts, then circulate around your home when you turn on the furnace or air conditioner. Regular duct cleaning is a good idea to help prevent this from happening. If there is a significant amount of mold growth, duct replacement may be a good idea. Filters are also a key part of keeping your home’s air quality high. While most homeowners are aware they need to replace their furnace’s air filters periodically, many just buy the cheapest ones available at the local hardware store. However, many filters let smaller particles pass through. For people with asthma and other respiratory issues, high-efficiency air filters should generally be considered the minimum. HEPA filters are even better.

High-Tech Prevention

Technology is constantly advancing when it comes to HVAC systems, which allows companies such as Amana Manufacturer to create innovative, efficient ways to improve indoor air quality. One common tactic is to install UV lamps in the air ducts. These powerful yet efficient lights kill most mold and bacteria before they can escape into your home. They’re a particularly good choice for people who live in high-humidity areas, where mold and fungus growth can be a big problem. Air purifiers also help reduce mold and bacteria by drawing those irritating particles to them, then giving off a small burst of electricity. The electricity kills them, rendering them harmless and preventing them from multiplying. Another good solution is a whole-home dehumidifier, which helps reduce moisture levels inside your home. Since high humidity is a common asthma trigger, this can reduce symptoms in many people. If you think your Alton, IL, home can benefit from improved indoor air quality, contact the experts at B & W Heating and Cooling today for a consultation.