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Avoid Losing Your HVAC Warranty in Bethalto, IL!

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Avoid Losing Your HVAC Warranty in Bethalto, IL!

Warranty Paperwork
Warranties are meant to help you save money. An HVAC warranty will come through whenever you need a repair or parts replacement before the guarantee expires. You should, however, note that for you to get the free repair or replacement, some conditions must be fulfilled. Some people do not realize how easy it is to lose an HVAC warranty and end up making mistakes that will lead to its forfeiture. Below are some of the reasons why you may lose your warranty.

Neglecting maintenance

You must always ensure that your furnace is in good working condition and to do so, you have to do regular maintenance. Do not wait until it breaks down or when it stops to efficiently work for you to do what you should have done a long time ago. Regular maintenance reduces breakdown by up to 95 percent and reduces your energy consumption by 30 percent. Note that whenever you hire a licensed and experienced technician to check your HVAC system, you should keep records of the maintenance visits for your future warranty claims. Maintenance agreements are the perfect way to keep your warranty valid. If the HVAC breaks down as a result of negligence, you are bound to pay for the repairs and replacement.

Failure to register

You need to register your warranty within 60 days after installation. You can either do this by phone, online or by mail. The warranty covers at least ten years. You must have proof that you purchased the HVAC from a licensed contractor in Bethalto, IL, and register it as soon as you can.

If you buy your HVAC from a reputable supplier like Coleman, you will be taken through all the necessary steps to ensure that your unit is registered to avoid encountering problems when claiming its warranty.

Improper installation


Both improper parts and installation of the air conditioner unit can adversely impact on your warranty. Always ensure that you hire a professional HVAC contractor for the installation and repair of the system. Most individuals make the mistake of trying to save a few dollars by getting the cheapest parts and contractors. They fail to look at the bigger picture and how much this will cost them in the end. Make the right choice and look for a professional installer and quality parts to keep your warranty valid.

A stitch in time saves nine! It is vital that you avoid these mistakes when dealing with your HVAC and you can rest assured that your warranty will come through when you need it most.