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Maintaining Your HVAC System in a Home with Pets

HVAC System Dog Shedding Godfrey Illinois

HVAC System Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners in Godfrey Illinois

Properly caring for your HVAC system is essential for ensuring that it runs efficiently and effectively for years to come. If you have pets, then there are a few extra measures that you can take to keep your system at peak performance. Changing HVAC System Air Filter in Godfrey Illinois

Change Air Filters Often

If you have pets, your air filter may need to be changed more often than that of a pet-free household. Inspecting and changing your air filters regularly will keep your unit running efficiently and the air in your home clean. An HVAC professional can tell you how often your air filter should be changed.

Keep an Eye on the Outdoor Unit

Dogs that enjoy the free reign of their yard can pose a particularly significant risk to outdoor condenser units. Clawing the condenser coil fins can cause damage to the unit, and urinating on the unit can cause the fins to rust. This can result in an inefficient unit and lead to costly repairs. To avoid this, consider putting up a fence around the unit.

Keep Your Pet Groomed

HVAC System Cat Shedding Godfrey Illinois To keep the air in your home clean and your HVAC system running efficiently, it’s a good idea to go straight to the source of all that pet dander and hair: your pet. While some pets require minimal grooming, those that are prone to excessive shedding should be bathed and brushed regularly.

Keep Wires Safe

Exposed HVAC system wires can quickly become your pet’s favorite toy. Unfortunately, not only is this bad news for your unit, but it can be extremely dangerous for your pet. Enclosing wires in conduits will keep them functioning and out of reach, keeping your system and your pet safe.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

While there are several small measures that you can take yourself to keep your HVAC system running at peak performance, these measures are no substitute for regular professional maintenance. By scheduling regular maintenance for your heating and cooling units, you can ensure that everything will be thoroughly cleaned and potential risks can be identified before they turn into big problems. At B&W Heating and Cooling, we can help keep your HVAC unit running efficiently, even if you have a houseful of four-legged family members. We provide service in the Godfrey Illinois region and specialize in servicing systems of all makes and models, including Rheem. Contact us today to learn more.