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How to Pick the Right New Furnace in Alton, Illinois

Installing New Furnace

A Buyer’s Guide to a New Furnace in Alton, Illinois

There’s nothing better than keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all day long, but that means buying the right furnace. If you’re looking for help choosing a furnace for your Alton, IL, home, our guide to buying one has you covered.

Size and Power

furnace installation When you’re spending big money on a new furnace for your home, you need to make sure you’re getting one that’s powerful enough for your needs. HVAC systems need to be properly sized to make sure they’re putting out enough power for your home without being overkill. Sizing a furnace can be a little bit tricky. While most furnaces have a rating that describes how many square feet they can heat, that can change depending on the specific build of your home. It’s best to have an HVAC professional help you size your furnace.


Investing in a new furnace can be difficult enough without having to worry about paying huge heating bills month after month. If you’re looking for the best system for your home, you should compare the efficiency of some of the different models on the market. An efficient system will keep your home at a comfortable temperature without costing you as much. A furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating, given in percentage form, tells you how much energy is utilized to create heat. Although the minimum AFUE rating is 78%, you ideally want a furnace with a higher AFUE rating. furnace

Additional Features

While size, power, and efficiency are some of the most important features of a new furnace, there are other things that you can look for if you want a good system. Variable speed blowers, for example, allow your fan to run at a slower speed when you don’t need as much heat. These furnaces often have variable heat output as well. ENERGY STAR certification is another good thing to look for in a furnace. ENERGY STAR certified products are designed and certified for efficiency, which means you save even more money on operating costs.

Get Some Help

Finding the perfect furnace isn’t easy, but B&W Heating & Air can help. We can help you find an efficient, reliable machine from a great brand like Trane. We can even work with the Trane manufacturer to get you a great price on a high-quality item. Contact us today to find out more.