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Alton IL HVAC: Common Programmable Thermostat Problems

digital thermostat alton il

Your thermostat troubleshooting starter guideprogrammable thermostat alton il

Whether it’s the middle of a winter cold snap or a balmy summer day, having a properly functioning programmable thermostat is essential for comfortable living in the Alton, Illinois area. If you start having problems with your system not maintaining the proper temperature, here are some things to consider.

Does your thermostat have power?

One of the most common issues with thermostats is a simple power supply issue. If you have a battery-operated programmable thermostat, you may want to check the batteries first. Alkaline batteries generally provide inconsistent power as they start to run down, so try using lithium batteries for more consistent power. Electric thermostats can also lose power due to a blown fuse or breaker.

Is the thermostat dusty?

Thermostats use a variety of small, delicate metal components to function, and a buildup of dust or other grime on these components can cause problems. If your HVAC system is operating poorly, try gently cleaning the interior with a can of compressed air. However, be sure to cut the power beforehand and contact a professional if you’re not sure of yourself.

Are your thermostat settings correct?

After upgrading to a digital thermostat or smart home system, make sure everything is set up correctly. You may require specific programming to overcome issues with retrofitting a new thermostat. Your best bet is a local HVAC contractor for expert installation.

Should your wall-mounted thermostat be on a different wall?

thermostat settings alton il If your house never seems to be quite the right temperature, take a look at where your thermostat is located. If installed in direct sunlight or downwind from a drafty area it may simply be getting inaccurate readings. You may need to reinstall it in a more suitable location. While these are some of the most common thermostat problems people run into, there are plenty of other things that can go wrong. In fact, if your HVAC systems aren’t functioning properly, B & W offers certified HVAC technicians that serve throughout the Alton, IL area – contact us for fast repairs!