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Should You Turn off Your Heating System When Using your Fireplace in Alton, Illinois?

Winter in Alton, IL can be wonderful, but can also be very cold. During the colder season of the year, there’s nothing like enjoying a nice warm cup of cocoa or coffee in front of your freshly lit fireplace. Those that have a fireplace love to do this while watching a movie or even enjoying quality time together as a family. When it comes to a fireplace and saving money, you might feel as though you can shut off your heater and just use your fireplace for the rest of the night. If this is a thought that has crossed your mind, we highly advise you to think about your options before going forward with this plan. There are many different reasons why this may not be the best plan, and we have some different reasons why. fireplace

Wasting Energy in the Long Run

At the moment, you may not feel as though you need a heater to run while you have your fireplace on. This may seem silly if you feel as though you are using two different types of heat. While you may be settled and cozy in front of your fireplace, the moment you leave the area of the room with the said fireplace, you may think otherwise. By the time it has taken for your room to cool down from you not using your heat, it will take more energy for your furnace to warm your room back up, thus causing you to spend more money. In the long run, you should have had your heater on in the first place.

Your Fireplace Should Not Be Used as a main heater

For your sake, we hope that you don’t try to use your fireplace as the main source of your home’s heating system. One thing that is for sure, using your fireplace to heat a home is not necessarily more efficient than using an actual furnace. It is also very unsafe to leave a fireplace unattended for too long of a time.

Fireplaces are not Controlled

fireplace A fireplace can be a great source of heat, however, it can’t be controlled as a heater can. When it comes to your heater, you are able to decide which temperature you want your heat to be exactly. When it comes to a fireplace, this isn’t the case. It may seem like it may be the cheaper option, but a perk of having a heater is to be able to pick how warm your home is. This is something that you would not get from having just a fire to heat your home. If you have additional questions about heating your Alton, IL home, give our team at B & W Heating & Cooling a call today!