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Six Reasons to Schedule Your Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Edwardsville, IL

AC Tune-up

Spring has arrived in the Edwardsville, IL area, and the weather is looking beautiful. With temperatures projected to be in the 70’s this week, summer doesn’t seem too far away. It won’t be long before your air conditioner comes out of its winter hibernation to fight the heat and humidity of the summer months. This is why we recommend scheduling an AC tune-up with B & W Heating & Cooling to prepare your system for the demands of another hot summer. Some of you may be wondering if it’s necessary to tune up your air conditioner every year. Here are six reasons why we recommend maintaining your system every spring.

AC Unit

A Tune-Up Will Jumpstart Your AC

The first reason to schedule a tune-up is to jumpstart your AC. Your air conditioner has probably not been switched on for any length of time, if at all, during the milder winter season. This period of dormancy has opened up opportunities for dust and debris build-up, or the development of a mechanical or electrical problem. A licensed HVAC technician from B & W Heating & Cooling will be able to clean your system and check for any issues, giving your AC a jumpstart into the hot season.

An AC Tune-Up Will Reduce Your Risk of a Breakdown

The second reason to schedule an AC tune-up is to reduce the risk of a breakdown. The major benefit of scheduling an air conditioner tune-up is that you’ll need costly repairs less frequently. Having it tuned up before the summer can prevent breakdowns from occurring, as the technician will check for and alleviate any potential problems. Our experienced air conditioner technicians will thoroughly inspect the cooling device and inform you of any problems, so they can be fixed right then and there. This will ensure that small problems with your air conditioning system do not develop into major issues this summer.

Reduced Energy Bills

Are you looking to reduce your energy bills? Scheduling a professional air conditioning tune-up with B & W can help you achieve this goal. During the winter months, dust and debris can accumulate on your air conditioner coils, making it work less efficiently. Our skilled technicians will clean the coils and other mechanical parts to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency, using less power to cool your home and ultimately lowering your energy bills.

Indoor Air Quality Will Improve

But that’s not all. Removing these pesky allergens can also improve your indoor air quality, making your home a more comfortable place for you and your family. And if you’re worried about the lifespan of your HVAC system, regular maintenance can help increase it. Our Horne technician can even estimate how much more life your older air conditioner has in it.

Annual Maintenance is Recommended by the EPA & EnergyStar

HVAC Repair

And don’t just take our word for it. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EnergyStar both recommend annual maintenance of your air conditioner for optimal performance. So why wait? Schedule your air conditioning tune-up with Horne today and start enjoying the benefits of a more efficient, longer-lasting HVAC system.

No matter what your reason, you should make sure to get an air conditioning system tune-up scheduled as soon as possible. Give our team at B & W Heating & Cooling a call today and one of our Edwardsville, IL technicians will be able to assist you.