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Sounds you don’t want to hear from your furnace in Alton, IL

furnace sounds alton il
Houses — and all the equipment within — make noises. Even during overnight silence, most people hear odd settling noises in the walls and whirs and mild clatter from various appliances. Obviously, heating systems and furnaces aren’t going to be silent; at the very least, you’ll hear the movement of air if you listen closely. But some noises are symptoms of furnace problems, so how do you know the difference? Here are four furnace sounds that mean you need to call heating contractors in Alton, IL.
  1. Excessive Clanking

Clanking sounds mean something is hitting something else. Constantly light clanks from within the ducts could mean something loose is being moved by the air. Louder clanking that’s more pronounced when your system shuts on or off could be an issue with a belt or other part within the motor. If you’re hearing these types of sounds, get your system checked out to determine if a repair is necessary. While clanks can indicate minor issues, loose or problem parts could cause greater damage if left alone.
  1. Pops or Booms

Booms or pops could be duct work contracting and expanding as it cools and warms. Depending on your system, this may be normal, but it could also mean your ductwork isn’t properly sized. Dirty equipment can also contribute to popping noises as air pushes through areas where the pressure is higher than it should be. While that’s a minor issue when it comes to furnace problems, cleaning equipment makes it more efficient and can reduce the chance of more expensive furnace repair in the future.
  1. Metal on Metal

The sound of metal parts scratching across other metal parts in any type of mechanical appliance is a bad sign. Heating systems aren’t designed with parts that should be contacting each other in this way, and if you don’t get the issue looked at, the parts could cause wear that leads to further issues.
  1. Squeals or Squeaks

When it comes to reasons to call heating companies, squeaks in the furnace are mostly minor. Often, it just means a bit of TLC is required to ensure all parts are working as they’re supposed to. Taking action on a small squeak helps ensure you don’t have to pay for larger repairs in the future.