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The Best Ways to Heat Your Home in an Emergency in Alton, Illinois

Power Outage
One of the downfalls that come along with the winter season in Alton, IL that doesn’t have to do with the cold weather, is the possibility of a power outage that may come with it. One thing that is never great is having no power in your home. What can make that feeling worse however is not having power in your home during the wintertime. While you are trying to find the best ways to keep your home as cozy as possible during a difficult time, there are different ways you can achieve this safely and without problems. If you are wanting to know those different steps to be prepared for the next time your power does go out, then continue reading on. Power Outage

Using Thick Clothing and Hand Warmers

Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about being in a freezing home during a power outage. While you are trying to light candles and huddle around the tiny flame, think about something else to do with that time. This may seem silly to do since you are in your home, but it may be the coziest thing to do. When you start to feel cold, wear layers as if you would be outside. Let’s face it, when the power goes off and the heat is not working, it might as well be as though you are outside. Use those winter coats to good use and bundle up. It also wouldn’t hurt to grab hand warmers next time you’re at your local Walmart.

Setting Up a Wood Stove and Placing it By a Window

If there comes a time when you are out of the heat for a longer term, you might want to consider setting up a wood stove in your home. The key is to set it up by a window to get all of the smoke out. This does take a lot of time, but it will be a huge benefit when you are wanting to keep warm during the colder night ahead of you. Staying Warm in a Power Outage During Cold Weather

Building a Candle Heater When You have a Power Outage

Candles on their own are not the best source of heat. However, if you don’t have other chances of heat, they could be your best bet. You can build such a simple candle heater with those candles and a clay pot. With this in mind, please keep in consideration that this could be a fire hazard. Make sure that this is a route that you take to keep them away from any pets or small children. There are many different ways to collect heat when you are in a bit of a mess, if you are looking for any more tips on the matter, give our team at B & W Heating and Cooling call today!