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The Best Thermostat Setting For Your Bethalto, IL Home


The Ideal Thermostat Setting For The Summer in Bethalto, IL

When you’re trying to decide on the perfect thermostat temperature for your home in Bethalto, IL, you need to find the ideal balance between comfort, cost, and convenience. After all, on those blistering hot summer days, you want to step inside your home and be comfortable, but you don’t want to spend a small fortune on air conditioning.

The First Rule of Cost Savings

Whether your HVAC unit is from a Mitsubishi Manufacturer or a different manufacturer, the first rule of cost savings remains the same. And that rule is that the closer your thermostat is to the outside temperature, the more money you’ll save. If it’s 80 degrees outside and you set your system to 77, you’ll save a lot more than if you set your thermostat to 65 because you don’t need as much air conditioning.

The Ideal Thermostat Temperature

thermostat It’s more critical for you to be comfortable with your air conditioning temperature when you’re at home than when you’re out of the house. But it’s not as simple as setting your system to a specific temperature before you leave the house — you also need to consider how long you will be gone. Suppose you’re only going to be out of the house for an hour or two. Set your thermostat temperature to around 78 Fahrenheit. Depending on the age and efficiency of your air conditioning unit, it’s estimated that every degree higher than 78 saves you another five to seven percent off your energy bill. That’s why you should set your thermostat even higher if you’re going to be gone for long. For example, if you’re going to be at work for eight hours, consider setting your thermostat to 85 or higher.  Though you should be careful not to put it any higher than that if you have pets. adjusting thermostat

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Unfortunately, setting your thermostat to the proper temperature before you leave y our house isn’t easy to remember. That’s why you should consider looking into a smart programmable thermostat. You can customize this type of thermostat to change the temperature at specific intervals throughout the day. Consider setting it to change the climate for when you go to sleep or when you wake up. Also when you leave the house for work, and when you usually arrive home. This is the best way to find the optimal balance of comfort and cost efficiency. If you have any questions concerning thermostats, talk to our trusted team at B & W Heating and Cooling today!