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Troubleshooting Furnace Problems in Your Holiday Shores, IL Home

Furnace Problems

The most common of all calls that we receive around this time of year is people’s furnaces are not running. Having a running furnace at this time of year is important for keeping your home warm and comfortable. Nobody wants to be in a cold home in Holiday Shores, IL during the winter. All furnaces can be hard to find the problems for, including ones manufactured by Comfortmaker. Before you decide to call a professional, you can troubleshoot your furnace to figure out what the problem with it is or even solve to problem yourself. Here we will be discussing how to troubleshoot your furnace.

Heating & Cooling

First Steps of Trouble Shooting Your Furnace Problems

When you are troubleshooting your furnace problems in your Holiday Shores, IL home, one of the first things you should check is your thermostat. If your thermostat is not in heating mode, it is not going to heat your home. Older thermostats often run into issues running your furnace, however you know there is a much bigger issue if your thermostat is not that old, but your furnace is not running. Another thing you should check is your circuit box to see if the breaker for your furnace was tripped.

Other Issues to Look For

If you still are not sure what is causing your furnace not to run, look out for some of these issues. Make sure that the dial that allows for the gas to enter the ignition is set to open. If the standing pilot light integral to getting your furnace to start is not lighting, see if the safety interlock is stopping the ignition. You will need a HVAC technician to do this for you. If your hot-surface igniter is not working, you can try to replace it yourself if you are comfortable working on a furnace.

HVAC Repair

See if your furnace had a safety shut off for some reason. This is usually caused by the obstruction of free air from getting into the system. Be sure that you also check your sidewall venting for any blockages that would prevent any furnace problems from occuring and letting it operate how it should. These tips should help get you find the problem of any make of furnace, including ones manufactured by Comfortmaker.

If the furnace in your Holiday Shores, IL home is still not working after troubleshooting, do not hesitate to give our team of experts over at B & W Heating and Cooling a call today! Our team of reputable HVAC technicians have all the skills to get many makes of furnaces up in running, including Comfortmaker ones.