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Ways to Know if your Air Purifier is Broken

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Ways to Know if your Air Purifier is Broken

An air purifier is essential in maintaining indoor air quality. When it works optimally, it serves as a real asset. A broken air purifier doesn’t do its job to prevent allergens from collecting in the home. It can lead to health issues in your family members and pets if not addressed right away by a skilled professional. Some of the ways to know if your air purifier is broken are listed below. Referring to this short but comprehensive guide helps you identify and repair issues with the machine right away. When a technician from B & W Heating and Cooling recommends a replacement part or determines that the device no longer works, you’ll be able to take care of the expense immediately.

Less Strength in Air Flow

air filter edwardsville ilAirborne substances clog filters and cause air purifiers to work harder to push air out. In the process, the machine becomes damaged from overuse. If you notice that the air coming from the vents is weaker than it was before, it could be due to a dirty filter. If changing out the filtering device doesn’t fix the purifier, it may need a different type of repair or a complete replacement.

A Change in the Quality of Air Indoors

After having the air quality tested by a professional a second time, you notice that it’s significantly less healthy than it was before. When the technician takes a look at the purifier if they note distinct differences in the performance of the machine, it could be that the purifier is older and in need of an upgrade.

Electrical Failure

air purifier repair edwardsville illinoisSome whole-house air purifiers consist of electrical components that wear out over time. An electrical failure prevents the machine from turning on or shutting off when not in use. You’ll notice a distinct difference in how it works because it won’t put out as much air as it should. You may also see that it doesn’t switch on when you try to get it to work, hear a sound, or even smell a burnt odor when trying to use the purifier.

Why Your Air Purifier Needs to Be Fixed by a Professional

Scheduling air purifier maintenance in Edwardsville, IL takes seconds to do but delivers long-lasting results. When a B & W Heating and Cooling technician comes to your home, they’re able to diagnose the problem with the broken air purifier and suggest ways to fix it. If there isn’t an easy or cost-effective way to do so, the expert recommends replacing the air purifier with a newer model.